Bow Time

Fairytales give little children the opportunity to imagine themselves as the heroes in these stories. A popular favourite is Robin Hood, so we jumped at the opportunity to play with a bow.

Booking a special on Hyperli, we headed on over for a quick afternoon lesson borrowing a basic GoPro Hero to film the adventure. Situated in Brackenfell Industrial, Bow Time offers archery supplies, use of the range and lessons.

We started with a safety briefing, overview of what to expect, instruction on the basics and then jumped right in. The first few shots were a little daunting and the concentration could be felt as the sweat droplets formed on our foreheads. Also, it was very hot day.

After the first round, we felt like pros. Perhaps, due to new found confidence but also from all the encouragement, support and coaching. Visit the website to make your booking or find specials on Hyperli or The Entertainer.

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