Cape Canopy Tour

Cape Canopy Tour

Always on the lookout for new adventures, this weekend we joined Keith Edwards and the Old Mutual Group Schemes team on a trip to Cape Canopy Tour in the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve.


Starting early on a Saturday morning proved to be a little bit of a challenge but our first stop at McDonalds, Somerset Mall proved to be an ideal meeting point. We seized the opportunity to grab some coffee,McFlurries and breakfast while getting to know each other before we hit the road.


Situated in the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve only 1 hour from Cape Town, Cape Canopy Tour has partnered with CapeNature to take you into a previously inaccessible and pristine part of this amazing World Heritage site.


The Cape Canopy Tour experience includes a 10-minute safety briefing, gear (including rain gear if needed), 4×4 outbound and inbound trips, fully guided canopy tour and a light meal on return to base camp.


After a brief and entertaining safety briefing we were kitted up at the reception and then embarked on a very bumpy 30-minute 4×4 drive to the starting point where the fun really begins. The fully guided canopy tour starts 1000m above sea level and includes 13 platforms, 11 slides and a swing bridge. Even if you are afraid of heights, the view is well worth it.



Winter Price Freeze: Only R595 per person! (Offer ends 31 October 2015)

Canopy Tour: R695 per person

Wild Card: Get R40 discount (R655 per person) with a Wild Card

Special engagement tours which include bubbly and chocolates while overlooking the waterfall can be arranged on request.


In order to ensure safety, each cable is designed to hold up to 17 tons and adventurers are strapped into harnesses that can support up to 2 tons and then attached to lines with 3 karabiners which can each support up to 2 tons. However, to ensure visitors are able to fit comfortably into a full body safety harness guides recommend weight limit of 120kg.If you weigh over 120kg, but you’re fit and in good shape, you will fit comfortably in the harness with no problems at all. The entire Stormers team managed to get through the tour without a problem.


What to pack:

  • Comfortable clothes as you will be active
  • Comfortable shoes that are suitable for hiking
  • Warm clothes since the weather in the Cape can be unpredictable



  • Small bottles of water (Can be bought at base camp for around R10 each)
  • Small hand towel
  • Peak cap for the hike
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Jelly tots or an energy bar


Because of the larger group, we were fortunate enough to be accompanied by 4 professional guides (Adrian, Hazel, Lee and Siphokazi) who ensuredstrict safety standards while providing an enlightening and educational experience, sharing interesting facts about the nature and geology of the area. We were also encouraged to take part in the I-Spy Wild competition and let the guides know when they spot wildlife which they will then identify. The competition run in conjunction with Cape Nature also serves as a wildlife count and conservation initiative.


The most challenging part of the day is the 1km uphill hike back to the road. The air is thinner so high up and comfortable shoes are highly recommended. Be sure that you are reasonably fit and let guides know (before you start) should have medical conditions such as asthma.


The bumpier 30-minute downhill return trip to base camp was made more enjoyable as Adrian shared his vast knowledge of the region and John, our 4×4 driver stopped along the way so that we could take photos.The fresh juice served on arrival was most welcome but our saving grace after the hike was the homemade pie and side salad from Peregrine Farm Stall.


Children are welcome to go on ziplines. However, it is recommended that this adventure is more suited to children from the age of 5 and over. It’s a long day and smaller children may get fidgety, bored or need the toilet facilities (none available on tour). The hike back is also a little strenuous for the little ones (or at least it was for me).


Just like a few of our favourite superheroes we really enjoyed sliding from platform to platform. The views are exquisite and from this vantage point there are uninterrupted vistas of waterfalls and valleys while cruising along slides up to 320m long. This is a definite must-visit for both nature and adventure enthusiasts. We know that we will be sure to come back for more! For more details and special offers visit

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