Lindt Truffles with Caesarstone

Lindt Truffles with Caesarstone

Most people know how much we love chocolate. Especially good chocolate. So when Caesarstone SA invited us to a truffle making course at Lindt in V&A Waterfront we were more than a little pleased (Read: *super excited*).

The synergy between premium brands, Caesarstone SA and Lindt, has resulted in the creation of an exceptional test kitchen. The counter tops are able to take a thermo shock up to 120 degrees Celsius and are incredibly easy to clean. Great qualities when it is so easy to get distracted by the tempered chocolate – it can be a really messy affair.

On arrival, we were kitted with Chef’s hats, executive jackets and aprons to really look the part. Head Chocolatier (yes, this is a real job), Dimo ensured that we were taken through the steps from novice to professional in no time. His easy to follow instructions made everything so easy. It also helped that we were setup in a dream kitchen environment with ample space at each station. Some serious kitchen inspiration and ambitions.

At the end of the session each station had produced a selection of artisinal chocolate truffles which were shared. Caesarstone SA also made sure that we could practice your new skills at home and made sure we left with the biggest goodie bag of Lindt.

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